Office of Leadership & Advocacy

University of Mississippi

Managing a Registered Student Organization

Managing the Roster

As a person with access to manage the Roster tool, you also have the ability to manage who is on the organization roster and the different roles they hold. Go to the Action Center for your organization to explore these options.

Inviting people: Invite people to join your organization by clicking +Invite People at the top of the Roster page in Action Center.

Ending memberships: Locate the member(s) you would like to remove and check the box on the far left of the members’ names. Click End Membership at the top of the user list. A confirmation box will appear to let you know that ending this user’s membership will also remove all of their positions and permissions. You can also end all memberships at once.

Approving memberships: As an officer, you also have control over who joins your organization. When you land on the “Manage Roster” page, you will see tabs for Current, Pending, and Prospective members. Pending members are those you have invited who have not yet accepted your request. Prospective members are those who have requested to join and are waiting on a decision.

Assigning people to Positions: In the “Manage Roster” section, you can also edit the positions your different members hold. Click Edit Positions to the right of a users name to take this action. A list of all available positions will appear. Assign a user to a position by clicking the appropriate checkbox and clicking Save.