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Persons of Concern.

I am concerned for a student or other person on campus. What do I do?

Our case management team works in a supportive way to contact students and explore resources that may be helpful to them during their time at the university. If you are concerned that someone you know is facing difficulties, exhibiting odd or concerning behavior, is a threat to themselves or others, or shows any other concerning behavior, please fill out a form here.


Absences from Class.

What do I do when I know I will be absent or have been absent from class?

If you are anticipating or have experienced absences due to medical, personal, or other circumstances, you will need to share this information directly with your faculty member for the classes you will be missing. Our office does not provide any excuses for students experiencing absences from class. Your class syllabus and your instructor will be your best sources of information regarding absences. It is always recommended to provide appropriate documentation (doctor’s note, etc.) to your instructors regarding your absences.


Leadership Programs.

What type of leadership programs are available through the Office of Leadership & Advocacy?





Event Registration.

How do I know if we really need to register our event?

  • Refer back to our five main points. If you still are not completely sure, please reach out to our office! We will be happy to have a conversation about what should/should not be registered.

If my organization is hosting a co-sponsored event (e.g. Swaps, collaborative social/philanthropic events, etc.) do both groups need to fill out an application for event registration?

  • The groups will need to decide which one will submit the form. However, both organizations must be listed when completing the application. The student leader submitting the form will serve as the point of contact for the event.

Our 15-business day deadline is coming up soon and we don’t have a space booked. Can I still submit an application?

  • Yes! If you do not have a space booked, but have an idea of where you would like your event to be hosted, fill out the form with that information. You will be directed to the proper department in the responding memo.

Why do I need to complete a UPD Consultation?

  • We ask student groups to speak with our University Police Department for numerous reasons. Namely, if your event has potential to have significant high-risk elements. UPD will go over the specific areas of concern and/or potential problem areas and will allow you to ask questions about how to ensure your event is both safe & successful.

What do you mean by ‘Amplified Sound’ and how does it get approved?

  • Amplified sound is considered any sound created or enhanced by the use of
    sound-amplifying equipment. It is important to remember that, while we work diligently to support successful student events, the academic mission of the University comes first. With approval, amplified sound is permitted on the following dates & times:

    • Friday from 5:00 PM until 11:59 PM
    • Saturday from 12:00 PM until 11:59 PM
    • Sunday from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM
    • Decibel levels for amplified sound shall not exceed 80 dB from thirty (30) feet from the sound source. Requests to exceed this decibel level must be submitted to the Ole Miss Student Union office five (5) days prior to the event or activity for approval.

Wait – The Pavilion Presents/Union Unplugged series is on Tuesdays & Thursdays. How does that work in regards to Amplified Sound?

  • The Pavilion Presents/Union Unplugged series happens weekly under special circumstances granted by the Office of the Student Union and the Student Activities Association. Groups wanting to participate in the series can email to coordinate. These events are registered by SAA and not the individual participating organization.

My group wants to host a race/walk/5k. How do I make that happen?

  • Coordinating any sort of race/walk is going to be complicated. But it is doable!
  • First, you will need to submit an application for event registration
    • In the memo response you will be asked to connect with multiple different areas of campus
  • Many groups will want to start their race/walk in the Grove, so you will need to book the Grove & Grove Stage through the Office of the Student Union.
  • You will need to meet with UPD to plan out a route as well as with Parking & Transportation to coordinate alternate routes for the OUT Busses
  • Depending on what your event will look like, you will also be asked to connect with Landscape Services and Facilities Management
  • Because coordinating an event like this is complex, it is highly recommended that you begin by submitting your event registration application a full month in advance prior to your event taking place.

Something has come up and we will need to change the date of our event – can we do that without any penalties?

  • Sure! Our office is happy to work with your group to find a new date that works for both you and our campus partners.
  • If you want to cancel your event altogether and try to host it again later in the semester, that is also perfectly acceptable.