Office of Leadership & Advocacy

University of Mississippi

Advocacy & Support

Our case management team provides hands on support to students who are experiencing challenging and/or concerning matters. A case manager along with other staff work as a team to support students through collaborations with parents, faculty and staff. We connect students to campus resources and/or referrals for ongoing support. With case management and support for the diverse needs of our students, we aim to foster the growth, development, and the success of each student.

UMatter: UMatter serves as the official site for finding resources and information on how to care for your fellow Rebels when they are in distress.

Through this website, students, faculty, staff and parents may provide assistance to fellow students and colleagues by taking action. Should you see signs of a person of concern, in distress or who simply needs assistance, know that resources are available through this website.

Remember, every Rebel matters.

Person of Concern Process Ongoing support of students facing challenges that impact one’s ability to persist at the university. Our team provides ongoing outreach and dissemination of information to faculty and staff on how to support and report students of concern. 

911 Resource Folder: Our case management team created a 911 Resource folder for faculty and staff in August 2017. This folder provides a quick resource guide for students in distress and an explanation of how the person of concern process works. This folder also continues pertinent information on how to report concerns and tips/tools for working with students in distress.

Request a 911 folder for your office.

Outreach Presentations to Faculty and Staff: Our case management team works to create outreach programs to faculty and staff to increase knowledge of resources available to them and to students of concern. This outreach provides information on the student of concern process, how to report, and what defines a student of concern. We have been assessing faculty and staff knowledge of these resources and processes, and this outreach has shown increased awareness for faculty/staff. 

Request a Students of Concern Presentation.

Student Complaint Process:  Our office values student feedback and provides a process for students to complain and seek resolution to their complaints.  Through an online reporting form, students report complaints for all areas of campus.  At this informal level, our office connects the student with the appropriate person or office on campus to respond.  Our office can also guide students through next steps if they do not find resolution at this lowest level of response.  

Anonymous Hazing Form:  Our office has created an anonymous reporting form for any concerns about hazing at the University.  The steps to completing the form also include information about hazing.